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At Tekzenit, nothing means more to us than your satisfaction, and it shows. We work closely with you to envision a product that is an authentic extension of your business. Every aspect of our work--be it a software solution, mobile application, network build or creative project--is carefully tailored to your specific needs. We are committed to quality and integrity, and we work tirelessly to ensure that your project conforms to your goals. Let us lead your next project, and experience the value of Tekzenit.



The entire team at Tekzenit not only met our expectations, but far exceeded them . . . they are always responsive . . . and are important contributors to the success of The Luxury of Leather. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate them 100Kent Bouldin, President / CEO The Luxury of Leather

What impressed me most about Tekzenit was their vision, ambition and technical ability . . . The team did an outstanding job . . . I look forward to continuing our relationship with Tekzenit for many years to come.Joe Gonzalez, President / COO CJ Technologies

The quality of Tekzenit's work and reliability goes unmatched . . . we have worked with them over the last two years and we have been extremely pleased. . . and look forward to working with them many more years ahead.Keely Franks, Owner eMedia EFX

Tekzenit is incredibly good at fashioning solutions that pull their clients out of sticky spots . . . What sets them apart though is the intangible human element they bring . . . We can always count on them and they have been invaluable to us.Paige Watkins, Owner University Laundry

The team at Tekzenit has extraordinary skills in understanding the business requirements and implementing solutions in a way that assures smooth transition of operations.. . We highly value Tekzenit . . . . Wendy Wilbanks, Practice Administrator Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center

Tekzenit played a vital role . . . at MJB . . . I can proclaim that they have been outstanding in taking care of our needs. They have an exceptional team of people both here and in India and have far exceeded my expectations . . . .Amy Quaid, VP / CIO MJB Wood Group, Inc.



Small Business Systems Administrator

Job Id: 520601
The network group at tekzenit takes pride in building and supporting infrastructure to conform to the scope, process and daily operations as well as the concrete requirements of a business. From design and structural planning, to network and data integrity, to computing hardware and peripherals, tekzenit handles all aspects of networks and systems. We are currently seeking a Network Engineer to join our dynamic and fast paced team ...More

User Interface Developer

Job Id: 403105
We are seeking a talented User Interface developer that will work in collaboration with our backend and artwork developers to create dynamic themes on top of our developed framework. ...More

UX Designer

Job Id: 610531
We are seeking a talented User Experience Designer to mold complex requirements into elegant, user-centric solutions that look and feel just right to the audience. ...More

UX Researcher

Job Id: 650318 ...More

UX Architect

Job Id: 631018
In search of a passionate User Experience Architect to drive information architecture decisions, lead prototyping efforts and craft best-of-breed wireframes and wireflows. ...More